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WellinTech, established in 1997, is the largest enterprise with the most powerful R&D strength in Asia focusing on industrial automation software. It is headquartered in Beijing, China with three R&D department and branches in many countries and regions.

Since 1997, WellinTech has stayed focus on independent R&D, marketing and services, and it has been the leader in Chinese intelligent manufacturing Field.

In 1994, Chinese automation industry was on its early stage. A postgraduate student in Tsinghua university worked days and nights in front his computer, eating instant noodles, living in a dormitory to develop the first SCADA software of China — Kingview. By his hard working, the software which later became the most sold industrial automation software in China was beginning to take shape.

Three years later, along with the successful release of Kingview 1.51, he organized his friends who worked together to develop the software, founded an automation software company which they named “WellinTech”.

Relying on the core techniques of R&D and the innovative ideas, WellinTech has rapidly grown into the leading automation software enterprise in China. The R&D centers in Beijing, Tianjin and Xi’an have been set up with 250 employees and 1800㎡ office, which represent the powerful R&D strength.

The goal of WellinTech is to supply the best automation software platform and services. Every employee in WellinTech insists on the core values: loyal, hardworking, modest, diligent, innovative, and customers first. WellinTech serves the society and aims to reduce the production cost and increase production efficiency, to facilitate the fusion of informatization and digitization for the manufacturing enterprises, and to help them realize intelligent manufacturing.

In the last 22 years, WellinTech worked hard to realize one and another important technique breakthrough and to create one and another miracle in China. And Now, we are ready to step forward into the world!

Company Structure


* New English website version is launched
* KingView 7.5 SP2 is launched
* KingFusion 3.5 is introduced
* Beijing Welintech 20th years Aniversary
* Introduce KingView 7.5 SP1
* Launched KingFusion - MES Platform
* Established Overseas Department to serve international market
* Taiwan and Korea Brach Office was founded
* KingSCADA received CEC
* Annual Editor's Choice Award
* Introduce new website with multi-language: English, Chinese, Japanese
* Registrered trademark for KingView
* Successfully developed realtime industrial database - KingHistorian
* Signed strategy agreement with Korean partner to distribute Wellintech products
* Introduce KingView 6.51 with multi-language support: Chinese (Simple & Traditional) and English
* Launched KingView 6.0 series and KingAct
* Introduce KingView Power Edition for power industry
* KingView 5.1 was developed
* Customer Service Center was formed
* KingView 1.5 was introduced
* Beijing Wellintech was officially established
* KingView 1.0 was successfully launched 


Wellintech Beijing Headquater 
* Address: A602, E-Wing Centrer, No.113, Zhichun Road,
                  Haidian District, Beijing, China
* Zip Code: 100086
* Tel: 010-59309666
* Fax: 010-59309600
* Marketing Department: marketing@wellintech.com
* Sales Department: sales@wellintech.com
* Overseas Department: overseas@wellintech.com

Wellintech Japan Branch
* Address: 1-1, Nanduta-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-shi
* Phone: 044-589-7195
* Fax: 044-589-7196
* Website: www.wellintech.co,jp

Wellintech Taiwan Branch
* Address: Room E, 8th Floor, No. 110, Section 2, Keelung Road, Daan District
* Phone: 02-27373526
* Mobile: +886 09 7886 5009
* Email: overseas@wellintech.com
* Website: www.wellintech.com

Wellintech Korea Branch
* Address:  137, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
                  (서울특별시 가 가산디지털 1로 137 (가산동, IT캐슬2차 1104호))
* Tel: (+82) 010-5350-8922
* Email: marketing@wellintech.com
* Website: www.wellintech.co.kr

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