"The history of WellinTech is a continuous history of scientific and technological innovation"


Our product line for automation industry

20 YRS






Manufacturing Execution Platform

Full configuration platform with management and control integration

Monitoring and Control Platform

Most renowned and applied supervisory control and data acquisition platforms

Data Acquisition Platform

Professional independent data communication platform

Data Storage Platform

Commercialized industrial real-time data base storage software


Universal configuration industrial software

KingView has been leading in the Chinese automation software market since its first release 20 years ago. In recent years, with the internationalization of Wellintech, KingView became a global product and won accolades from its customer in terms of its good features and competitive price performance.


High-End Automation SCADA Software

KingSCADA is a middle and high-end market-oriented product, it possesses many remarkable characteristics including complete functional support, integrated management, modular development, high stability and easy to learn & use. KingSCADA provides abundant graphical development tools, stunning graphics elements and others, composing a facilitated developing environment. 


Support Multiple Data Communication Equipments

KingIOServer is a common OPC data collector designed by Wellintech. It works as data collector in CS structure, communicated with the field devices, achieved data collection and forwarding and as a data source for the third party data collector.


Industrial Real-time Database

KingHistorian, an industrial historical database offered by WellinTech was first released in 2006. Years of experience proves KingHistorian provides superior performance and its open data access interfaces are designed to satisfy different needs in database application development.


We are a group of skilled individuals.

QiuMing Lu


Wellintech CTO

Eric Li


Overseas Manager

ShiQiang Liu


Deputy Manager

ZhenYu Han


Korea Manager

JiWei Yang


Taiwan Business Manager

Zhang XiaoDan


Japan Business Manager

Han (Jerry) Yao


American Manager

Sangkil Lee


Korea Business Consultant

Son Nguyen


Vietnam Manager

Lana Li


Technical Support



India Support 

Ardy Jhonatan


Indonesia Support 


Some of business are using our products

What customers think about our products

"弊社は、生簀給餌遠隔システムのプロジェクト管理をしています。ここに採用しているのは、KingSCADA Version3.1無制限版です。エンドユーザが収益拡大を目的に、生簀の数を増やしたり、新しい魚種の。プロジェクトを立ち上げするときには、ウェリンテック社に開発依頼をします。開発期間が短く、容易に改造できるため、パッケージソフトとして評価が高く。今後の事業戦略には、欠かせない商品となっている。 
We have used KingSCADA Version 3.1 Unlimited version on our Fish Remote Feeding System to increase crops number or new fish species in order to boost up our profitablity. We asked Wellintech for project development and it worthed since the development time is short and it's easy to be customized. Selecting Wellintech's product is very good choice for our future business strategy."

We used KingView in real-time monitoring for work conditions of power distribution panels, any high temperature and overload can be immediately warnings and recorded. It helps us to provide protection for the stable production of materials."


Some typical project image that we have finished for various fields

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