Water Quality Monitoring System for Urban Water Supply


Location: Guangxi, China.
A Project for whole Guangxi Provice.
Monitoring water quality of 150 water plants which belong to 94 enterprises.
Monitoring water distribution system for both urban and countryside areas.
Monitoring water quality of water resources, treated water and water in pipe network.

Software & Service

KingSCADA, KingHistorian, KingOPC, KingDataCollector, KingDataServer.

Provide software and technical support.


Complete function, stable performance, easy to expand.

Deploy two kinds of network: VPN/Public network and GPRS wireless network.

Three layers: Water works monitoring layer, network transfer layer and water quality monitoring center.

Water Treatment Plant


Location: Beijing, China.
Capacity: Phase-I , 0.75 million m3/day; for phase-II, 1 million m3/day.
The biggest Water plant of Beijing Water group.
One of the biggest water plants in South-to-North Water Diversion Project.
The plant supplies water to Beijing Government and Institutions.

Software & Service

KingSCADA , KingHistorian.

Provide software, Solution and technical support.


Merge SCADA system with power distribution system perfectly.

Equipment asset management system.

Equipment recover and maintenance records management system.

Generate production and statistic reports automatically.

Business system integration interface.

Yellow River Water Treatment Plant


Location: Shanxi, China.
Water comes from Yellow River.
The future capacity will be 0.4 million m3/day.
Project from NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission).

Software & Service

KingSCADA , KingHistorian , IOServer.

Provide software, Solutions and technical support. 


Vivid display of the real-data and production process.

PDR (Post disturbance review) system.

Multi-Redundancy and data caching system.

Optimized calculation and analysis based on the huge and long term historical data.

Supply multiple open interfaces for third party system.


Waste Water Plant


Location: Shanghai, China.
Total investment: 2.2 billion RMB.
Capacity: 1.2 million m3/day; future capacity: 2.1 million m3/day.
The National Environment Protection Project of MOHURD (Ministry of housing and urban-rural Construction).
More than 16 thousand tags, more than 5000 alarm tags and more than 8000 historical data need to be stored.

Software & Service

KingSCADA , KingHistorian , KingIOserver.

provide software, solution and technical support.


Rich data source, huge quantity data, data caching.

Powerful system compatibility: Collect data from 16 AllenBraadely PLCs, RS view system, instrument and meters on the site.

Long term and high performance data storage.

Perfect display of production process: 3D display to review the process on site.


Taiwan Xinzhuang city Zhonggang Pump Station Project


Location: Taiwan, China.
Total pumping capacity: 511200 tons/h
Add 6 gauge stations, 6 water level stations, 4 precipitation monitoring stations.
Need hydrological forecasting of next 5 mins,10mins and 30 mins.

Software & Service

Kingview , KingHistorian.

Provide software, Solutions and develop application.


Full redundancy system to ensure the reliability and security.

Using KingHistorian and hydrological forecasting system to ensure the accuracy of forecasting.

Perfect monitoring system according to network distribution, multiple clients to ensure the complete monitoring.

Shanghai Raw Water Project


Location: Shanghai, China.
The water supply reaches 7.08 Million m3/day.
Ranked "Number one in Asia, and number two in the world.”
Raw water come from Qingcaosha Reservoir through 24 large pumping stations.
Delivers to 14 large water treatment plants for high quality water supply.

Software & Service

KingSCADA, KingHistorian.

Provide software, Solutions and technical support.


Multi-Redundancy: Dual machine redundancy, Dual network redundancy, Historical and alarm data redundancy.

Data caching and break-point resume.

Powerful performance guarantees by deploying KingHistorian.

Rich in incident notification.

Wonderful interaction with monitoring center.

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