OEM Version

Customized Software


Based on customer requirements or market, we will provide a customized version of our products to adapt to each special case and field.
If you want to sell or use our software under your own brand name then the OEM version is what you are looking for. Please contact sales@wellintech.com for more detail.


- Customized version software.
- Driver development kit.
- Guide to translate manual.
- Develop unique drivers.


- Local language.
- Unique drivers.
- Customized OCX controls.
- Customized graph library.
- Corresponding solution.

OEM Version for Building Management System


Special requirements of Building Management System.

Unique protocols for Building Automation system.

Energy consumption demand analysis.

Requirement of the market.


Provide OEM version software.

Develop unique drivers.

Provide corresponding solutions.

Develop application for customers.


Web publishing in different terminals.

Energy consumption analyzer.

Unique drivers for building equipment.

Has more than 20 project references at first two years in Japan.

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