Wireless Communication System with Hitachi CPTrans


Location: Kawasaki, Japan

Software: KingSCADA


As time goes by, the monitoring object is no longer a fixed location device such as a moving vehicle, and wireless communications technology is the trend for monitoring moving devices. In the spirit of innovation and cooperation, Wellintech and Hitachi Japan worked jointly and developed this system by applying CPTrans as the wireless communication devices, KDDI mobile phone as the media and KingSCADA as the management terminal to realize controlling and dispatching the information of vehicle position and speed and other information.
The system has wide-spread applications in courier serves, railway scheduling system and many other fields.

Smart Phone Monitor and Control in Irrigation System


Location: Kanas, America.
First usage of KingSCADA in American Farmland.
More than 100 irrigation equipment.
Remote monitoring and controlling.

Software & Service

KingSCADA, KingMobile.

Provide software and develop application.


Real-time data acquisition and displaying by smart phones or other terminals.

Use GPRS, RTU, SIM Card for remote communication.

Japanese Modern Fish Feeding System


Location: Toyama/Oita/Uwajima/Tokyo, Japan.
Remote monitoring fish feeding process.
Remote control fish feeding devices.
Remote monitor and control of cameras and sensors under water.

Software & Service


Provide software, Solution, Develop application, Maintenance of system.


Use wireless communication to monitor and transfer data remotely.

Use wireless communication to control devices which are underwater.

Provide maintenance services.

Use Email to send important messages.

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