First Configurable MES Platform in the World

Product Overview
KingFusion® platform helps enterprises to combine production line monitoring and production management perfectly. KingFusion facilities industries develop MES, and provides an unimpeded flow of data among the layers of systems of enterprises, and builds an integrated platform for monitoring and controlling based on process data and business data of enterprises. The transparency of processes, real-time production controlling, life cycle management of product and production equipment can be easily obtained through configuring the technological process and business process. Then improve the performance evaluation of production equipment and the quality management of product to get a maximum improvement of production and operation efficiency. It's a great platform to reduce operating cost and increase the profitability of enterprises.



No need of assistant by other tools.
Centralized Development, Distributed Operation.
Configured by"Model", Changed on Demand.
No need of professional programmer.
Has nothing to do with the Operating System.
Integrated 3D、GIS and Process data.
Customer developing has nothing to do with system.
Large-Scale, High performance, High reliability
- High perfomance can be achived on large-scale.
- KingFusion support N+1 redundancy, switch freely.
High Security
- Perfectly protected by permission
- Information Security Level 2
- Audit Trail
- Network Security

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