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Product Overview
KingIOServer® is a common OPC data acquisition platform which provides the perfect interface between data communication and OPC technology. It can help create a more feasible solution. KingIOServer works as data collector in CS structure, communicates with the field devices, perform data acquisition and forwarding and act as a data source for the third-party data acquisition devices. KingIOServer supports standard OPC DA 3.0, it helps to solve the communication problems between field devices and the system on the monitoring level. KingIOServer has been certified from the OPC foundation.
It supports more than 5000 different device brands for data acquisition, the third-party DB, various way of storage, and provide standard data source for the third-party software or data acquisition monitoring and management platform.

Basic Information

Support OS

Windows XP

Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate

Windows 8

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2012

Windows 10


KingIOServer application can support 256 channel. Each channel can support 256 device.

The KingIOServer can run 20,000 tags with full stability.

Working as OPC client, it can hold the services of the collection at 10,000 tags.

Each PC can runn multiple IOServer application.

Each KingData Logger can save 10,000 data to database every second.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum equipment

CPU Pentium Ⅳ 1GHz  Single-Core Processer
CPU 32 bit, RAM 1G, Hard Disk 2G

Standard configuration

CPU Pentium Ⅳ, 2GHz, CPU dual core processor
CPU 32 bit, RAM2G Hard Disk more than 20G


Real-time Data Collect Function

More than 1,500 brand's device drivers, having more than 4,000 drivers for PLC, intelligent
instruments, intelligent modules, boards etc. Support multiple standard communication protocols.

Different networks and media communications links such as GRPS, serial port and Ethernet.

Activate configuration of links and device, to optimize debugging and collection.

Support driver development.

Support communication with third party OPC DA server.


Double IOServer redundancy, double device redundancy, double network redundancy.

Support for multiple switching mode.

The redundancy mechanism has been optimized and improved, greatly improve the switch speed, shorten the switch time, to ensure the safety of the data.

IOServer Configuration Function

Project-design used for IOServer project and application configuration.

Each IOServer project can configure multiple IOServer application, each IOServer application configuration contains 8 parts i.e, channel, device, tag, collector module, nonlinear table, network configuration, storage configuration and OPCServer node.

Simplified equipment definition process, optimize the link definition.

As an OPC client, support batch import OPC server Items.

Historical Data Storage Function

Save data to KingHistorian directly.

KingDataLogger, the saver tools, supports multiple databases (Oracle, Sql server, MySql, Access etc), variety of tabular, variety of storage. The process of configuration is very simple.

OPC Communicating Function

KingIOServer support standard OPC DA 3.0 port, backward compatible, custom interface,using C++ language, maximize the OPC port performance.

Work as OPC DA server, communicate with third party OPC client.

Also work as OPC DA client, communicate with third party OPC server.

No need for DCOM configuration, simplify the remote OPC communications between the client and the collection platform, enhance the flexibility and expansibility of the system.

Data Forwarding and Protocol Conversion

Standard protocol conversion: Modbus, IEC101, IEC104, CDT etc.

Support standard OPC DA interface.

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