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Product Overview

KingSCADA® is a middle-end and high-end SCADA software. It is a powerful process automation software featured with abundant graphical development tools, stunning graphics elements, complete functional support, integrated management, modular development, high stability, dynamic graphics, reusable graphics library, intelligent diagnosis, data block acquisition, flexible network architecture, perfect alarm system, powerful historical services & display function and many more.
The modular architecture in KingSCADA breaks through the constraints of region and station scale, brings more flexibility & enhances efficiency of system, finally creating a system that is easy to maintain. It's obvious that KingSCADA reduces the cost of operation along with maintenance and ensure that overall system run safer and more stable than before
This product can make up an open data platform, integrate any control system, Remote Terminal System (RTU), database, historical database and other system together.

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- Easy-to-learn and user friendly, developers can quickly grasp the development skills to create perfect projects;
- Reusable module development reduces workload and shortens development cycle time and cost enhancing productivity;
- Quick completion of fault monitoring reduces the cost of the debugging process;
- Highly scalability guarantees synchronous updates to stay in line with new technologies and products;
- High reliability and easy maintenance, saves the cost of O&M dramatically.
- Extensive interface facilitates integration into company's whole information system.


- Dynamic Graphics: Beautiful graphics with user-friendly tools and rich animations enable you to show production scenes vividly;
- Reusable Graphics Gallery: Easy and efficient configuration;
- Intelligent Diagnosis: System malfunctions can be detected, logged and displayed online
- Data Block Acquisition: Acquire data accurately with high performance;
- Complete Redundancy: Ensures system safety;
- Flexible Network Architecture: can deploy and modify network architecture flexibly;
- Openness: Easy for data exchange with third-party software;
- Perfect Alarm System: Easy for fault monitoring and decision-making;
- Powerful Historical Services & Display Function: Easy for query of historical and real-time data.


3D Visual Graphic Design & Animation

Various animation effects can be realized through a simple link between a figure and a tag. KingSCADA offers over 40 rich animation links, especially among KingSCADA tabular animation,
• Flow (symbol flowing display can be realized)
• Application image (Switch the specified image according to the specified value and display the table: can be shown)
●Tool Tip ●Move, Telescopic ●Rotate
• Mouse operation events (when pushed down, released, pressed down, double click, entering, detached and staying)


• 5000 or more drivers are provided free.
• IOServer is a program that exists independently in KingSCADA and it collects data and also deletes it.
• IOServer performs high-speed data acquisition and transfer, during duplication of devices and IOServer and support further improving the safety and stability of the system.
• Supports multi-channel and multi-process, it is even easier to balance the system load.
• The analytic function is provided by the device can be diagnosed
• One IOServer can transfer data to another server at the same time.

Model Feature

With this model feature, you can easily duplicate work during project development is greatly reduced by the model function, which is a large-scale project.
• It is suitable for development such that the development time is reduced by 30% to 70% which leads to improve development efficiency.
• When you change the model with the model diversion function, the modified content is the same as that of all models using that same model and automatically reflects it in the instance.

Design Tools with built-in graphic library

KingSCADA has powerful designing tools with built-in library to let users have flexible option while developing projects
• Classified and provided about 800 symbols.
• Simultaneous editing of multiple projects and various resources sharing with simple copy operation realization.
• Based on a dual safety structure of security level (maximum 999) and security zone (maximum 64).
• To grant access and operation authority to the project or its contents in detail way.
• There are two kinds of selection modes: Intersection and inclusion selection, users need to use according to needs.

Report Function

KingSCADA has a powerful reporting function with over 30 kinds of operation functions.
KingSCADA reports the real-time data, display historical data and relational database data.
• More than 30 script functions.
• EXCEL file display using OCX control and can export CSV extension to EXCEL file .
• Automatic printing and optional (manual) printing at the specified time.
• Various changes such as report format, font, background color, matrix width, character alignment etc are possible during operation.
• By using the report function, various functions such as various calculations, acquisition of cell values, acquisition of maximum and minimum values, average value acquisition, printing, etc. are realized easily.
• Correspond to mouse operation events, just click on a cell to quickly expand specific screens, trends, alarm windows etc.

Built-in Alarm & Event Functions

KingSCADA has a powerful alarm and event function, relational database operation function and real time alarm. In addition to displaying, saving, searching of the stream alarm, it also transmit information to the operator in various forms at the time of occurrence of an alarm and a fault check at an early stage . It will support, formulate measures and countermeasures.
• The alarm type is classified into four types: limit value alarm, deviation alarm, rate of change alarm, digital alarm.
• There are three types of alarm windows: real time, history and query

Real time: Display new alarm information and automatically disappear when returning to new alarm.
History: Displays alarm information that occurred during system operation. The source of the alarm information is saved in the alarm buffer.
Query: It is possible to search and display alarm information. The source of the alarm information is stored in the alarm dead band.

Built-in Trend & Report Functions

The KingSCADA trend can express historical data and real-time data. One trend includes up to 4 trend areas and 4 time axes can be displayed. The highlight of the KingSCADA trend is:
• Trend mode switching is possible during runtime operation. (Real time or history)
• There are abundant options such as multi trend area, multi data axis, multi-time axis, compare and analyze data by aligning up to four times.
• To specify the area expansion and contraction.
• Including addition and deletion of tags and change of curved appearance (dotted line, thickness, color) etc. during system operation, including various kinds of operations.
• In addition to standard trends, OCX control trends can be use depending on needs.
• Up to 16 curves and 4 data axes can be displayed for each trend area.
• Trend printing and trend print preview
• Alarm history can be save up to 999 days , information that has passed the retention period is automatically delete.

Redundancy Features

• KingSCADA has a variety of duplication (redundancy) functions. Server redundancy, network duplication, IO device duplex and there are 4 types of IOServer duplication.
• Server duplication always transfers data to both the main server and sub server at the same time and also maintains data consistency of both servers and server down occurs, the sub server automatically becomes active. Then data acquisition performs automatically with guarantee operation of the system.
• The switching is carried out in a short time by the server, to ensure the safety of the data.
• In order to prevent switch malfunction due to network instability and to reduce switching time, time and redundant. Offer a dedicated channel for condition detection. This dedicated channel can be used as a serial port .By installing on the server net, it is possible to detect the redundant state and switch the server faster.

Web Publishing

KingSCADA provides WEB-publishing function compatibility with TCP / IP. Easily access to screens and publish data on the web at any time with any browser (e.g Internet Explore).
• Just by using KingSCADA's exclusive publish tool, we can easily generate an HTML file. Then it is possible to publish websites on the web.
• In addition to display and it can manipulate field data, exactly the same function as the client is usually prefer.
• Security is enriched and access by unauthorized users is impossible.
• Different users can access simultaneously with different privileges.
• Compatible Completion port, processing capability for simultaneous billing of multiple clients will be significantly increased, by ensuring the safety and stability of the system.


Custom Development

• Approximately 800 symbols are standard equipment.
• You can freely develop new symbols with symbol editing tool.
• Depending on feedback design proposal from users, we will undertake additional development of symbols at any time.
• Special version package development for specific industries (water treatment, substation equipment etc.)

Driver Customization

• The number of already supplying drivers is 3000 and more Lonworks, Modbus, BACnet, power protocol, OPC etc. Carver communication standards have a wide range of achievements.
• Special driver development on customer's request.
• Examples of past development: Lonworks, Hitachi CPTrans radio module, Mitsubishi special register addition, USB multifunction IO unit, Keyence etc.
• Customers can provide KingSCADA dedicated driver development tool kit.

Function Customization

Functional modification tailored based on new function development with specific needs of customers.
- Original History Trend
- Original History Data,
- Display Power Demand Control,
- Energy Management System (EMS),
- Original calendar,
- Operation log
- Mobile terminal client (iPhone, android).
- Development tool example:
Relational DB import tool for history data and audio alarm tool Operating time integration.

OEM Customization

Base on customer requirements we may provide customized version for:
Building energy management system
● Power monitoring system
●Factory wastewater treatment or facility monitoring system
● Gas detection alarm system
● Monitoring system for the glass industry
● OEM Version with OEM key or Soft key

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