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Product Overview
KingView® is a powerful industrial software for monitoring & controlling industrial processes. With its 20 years of development history, it has always been a leading automation software in the Chinese automation software market. KingView is used in various industries and has achieved the customer’s recognition and reputation in international markets due to its remarkable features such as easy-to-use interface, smooth navigation, web publishing functions, local & remote data visualizations. It features strong IO driver support, multiple device compatibility, customized OEM services, project security, price performance, and many more. KingView 7.5 inherits powerful functions, stability, and realizability of operations. It also put forwards ‘Second Development’ concept, and adds electronic record feature by following FDA 21CFR Part 11 and GMP specification for quality tracing.



Support multiple communication protocols; support GPRS,SMS and OPC communication mode.

Embedded script, support timing, triggering and custom functions for flexible extension.

Provide efficient and rich industrial graphics libraries for many specific industries.

A variety of real time and historical trends.

Embedded report system, customized real-time and historical report, provide report wizard, configure the KingHistorian and SQL database reports without scripts.

Powerful alarm system, support real-time printing, SMS-alarm, email-alarm.

Embedded historical database, meet the demands of long-term data storage.

Support Active X control, expand the application easily.

Support SQL, access to all kinds of database.

Support recipe feature.

Multiple redundancy functions, support dual machine redundancy, dual device redundancy, dual network redundancy and etc.With high performance, respond within 1 second.

Support CS and BS structure mode, meet users' demands.


Supports more than 4000 drivers and protocols.

Great continuity in usage habit, product style, engineering compatibility in each version, reduce the cost of learning and maintenance.

Various ways of third-party data access, easy to use.

Great security, precaution for data exchange, no matter in or out.

Widely used in many industrial fields, solutions that helps to improve the efficiency.

Excellent technical service team who are responsible to solve all your technical issues in a time bound manner.


Template, modular configuration unit, improving engineering efficiency.

The opening API interface XML technology, flexible systems integration.

Electronic record & audit trails function according to FDA's specifications 21CFR,
Part11 and GMP standard.

Import AutoCAD graphics into the picture of Kingview.

KingView mobile client, new license system, Usability Improvement, workload reduction.

Simple Installation

Installation is optimized to let users to get software running as soon as possible. 
Main procedure should be in 3 steps
1. Install KingView Core Program
2. Install KingView Drivers
3. Install License Driver

KingMobile is extra features that is included together with KingView and it is optional to install, depends on user needs

Project Manager

With this management feature, you can easily manage projects to adapt for your current working environment and requirements.
• It support Backup & Restore function to keep your project safe
• You can quickly add existing KV project from other place to Project Manager
• It support Export & Import DB function for your own needs
• Convenient to check project information without opening

Design Tool & Built-in graphic library

KingView has an user-friendly designing tools with built-in library to let users have flexible option while developing projects
• “WindowMaker” provides convenient environment for Graphics developing with toolkits and gallery.
• Powerful toolkits, Unlimited Color options and Gradient Color are used to make realistic screens.
• Rich Gallery Wizards, and the engineers can also build up their personalized gallery.

Trend Features

With this model feature, you can easily duplicate work during project development is greatly reduced by the model function, which is a large-scale project.
• It is suitable for development such that the development time is reduced by 30% to 70% which leads to improve development efficiency.
• When you change the model with the model diversion function, the modified content is the same as that of all models using that same model and automatically reflects it in the instance.

Development Script

Script in KingView is based on C language so it’s easy for any developer to understand and use in development progress.
KingView Script Panel will also provide information with function list and description to let you quickly check and find your require function and understand how it work as well as the structure.


Security & User Management

Better project management with multiple users
Categorize user permission for different sections in project 

Historical Logging

Easy re-check log to find errors

Alarm & Report

Real-time & Historical


Ensure the safety for your project


Improve your project security level


IIS Compatible for Web-publishing
Easy to push project online

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