Basic Information

- Please contact us via email to get further instruction.

- Standard courses: charge by per person and per class.
- Special courses: please contact sales man in your district.

Price description
- Standard courses include : a) Theory ; b) Practices; c) Training textbooks.

Payment method
- After you get our training courses beginning notification, please remit training fee into designated account.
- You can also give us cash or cheque on the first day of training class.


About Training course alternation or cancellation
- If the number of participants is under our minimum standard, we will cancel this training class or change to another day or location. If so, we will negotiate with those who already signed up.
- If you want to cancel your classes after signing up, please inform us 7 working days ahead of the beginning of the class.
- If you do not inform us in advance or be absence without any reason,all the loss shall be beared by yourself.
- If you drop out without any reason during the training session,we will not return your fees.


The textbook copyright belongs to Beijing Wellintech. People who copy, spread, instruct or translate any piece of our training materials without our authorization will bear legal liability.

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