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WellinTech provides software designer and SCADA software for helping the university to establish "Wellintech Software Joint Lab". During the operating of the project, WeillinTech will provide different SCADA software according to the different environment and requirements of universities for free, and technical support for SCADA software will be provided in the future if necessary. In addition, WellinTech could provide training with updated training materials for the provided SCADA software.
WellinTech has relationships with about 100 universities in China including Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Science, Dalian University of Technology and Tianjin University, etc.
"WellinTech Joint Venture Automation Lab" was praised by the community and university. This project not only provides a good SCADA study and practice environment but also updates SCADA software in universities and increase the popularity of automation education in universities. In addition, it provides students with life-long experience and paves the way to enter the field of automation.


1. Communicate with the cooperation project and investigate environment of Laboratory.

2. Send the agreement and activity content to the manager of department.

3. Determine the edition of software and project starting time. Sign the agreement on both sides. Determine the laboratory launching time.

4. Plan for software training and award training certification.

5. Provide technical supporting.

Established Labs

India: Wellintech Lab at Mumbai University

Canda: Wellintech Lab at McMaster University

Pakistan: Wellintech Lab at COMSATS University 

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