Sewage treatment plant SCADA monitoring system solution


Sewage treatment plant SCADA monitoring system solution

1. Program overview

With the rapid development of urbanization in my country, the number of sewage treatment plants is increasing. How to effectively manage the process of sewage treatment, save resources, and improve economic benefits has become a key concern.

The SCADA configuration software of the automatic control system runs on the computer in the central control room of the sewage treatment plant. It collects all process link data and control data, uses the image three-dimensional picture to show the water plant process and various data, and controls the water plant accordingly , And realize the analysis and processing of various data at the same time. The configuration software of the automatic control system is a necessity of every sewage treatment plant, and it plays a vital role in improving the operation efficiency of the sewage plant, reducing the operating cost and improving the management level.

At present, most of the sewage treatment plants that have been built and all new sewage treatment plants have an automated monitoring system. The automated monitoring system includes a hardware control system composed of PLC, meters, and control cabinets, and a SCADA monitoring software system composed of configuration software and database. .

2. Project highlights

  • Extensive device driver support: provide a wide enough interface to be compatible with different terminal devices, complete massive process data collection, without any media restrictions;
  • Efficient data collection and storage: real-time collection of on-site process data, compression and storage of massive data, complete bottom-level extensive production process data integration, and provide effective data sources for information mining.
  • Industry-specific graphics model: quickly build the system, shorten the engineering development cycle, and improve the reusability and portability of the system;
  • Realistic display effect: true restoration of the production site;
  • Sewage industry exclusive wizard library package

3. system architecture

4. system function

Through the construction of a highly stable and reliable SCADA system, the centralized visual monitoring of the sewage treatment process and equipment of the sewage treatment plant can be realized, and all the data and status of the sewage treatment plant can be displayed on the SCADA system intuitively. Understand the current state of various processes in the water plant, equipment operation, etc.;

Realize software centralized control of various equipment in sewage treatment plant, save the manpower and material resources consumed in on-site operation, and improve the safety of staff. When the equipment is controlled, all other data states related to the equipment state can be seen to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the control;

Establish a complete historical database and alarm event database to solve the current problems of low automation level in most sewage treatment plants, serious equipment operation safety problems, production operation management and technical analysis are greatly restricted by technical conditions, and effectively reduce production operations. The cost of electricity consumption, medicine consumption, etc. provides a basis for accident analysis and recall, and ensures safer, more reliable and economical operation of the sewage treatment plant.

5. Program summary

  • Stable and reliable real-time data collection and monitoring
  • Rapid development and reuse of SCADA projects
  • Improve the scalability of SCADA system
  • Analyze the key operating data of the sewage plant
  • Formulate scientific and reasonable performance evaluation management basis
  • Achieve the goal of "unattended on site and few people on duty at the terminal"

On the basis of the traditional configuration software to ensure the real-time performance and monitoring reliability of the system, Yakong Technology took the lead in proposing a model engineering development method. The model was proposed on the basis of the research on the application of SCADA software in the sewage treatment industry for many years. After integrating various sewage treatment plant processes, equipment types, and software requirements, it is proposed that model-based engineering development can greatly reduce the workload of SCADA system development and maintenance of large sewage treatment plants, and liberate users from complex graph drawing and variable definition Come out, save development time and cost for users, and realize the "one-click generation" of SCADA monitoring system engineering development.