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to handle massive amount of distribution data and its storage
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A Time Series Database to Handle Massive Amount of Industrial
Data with Built-in Statistical Analytics


In order to stay on top of the ever-changing and highly competitive market, it is necessary to increase the
production efficiency, reduce costs and realize faster judgment in areas such as large manufacturing, water treatment, and power.
Key factors of achieving this are organizational management, control of the production process, and expenditure management. Therefore, the Process
Historian Database technology plays an important role in Big Data analysis and connectivity of numerous protocols.
KingHistorian is an industrial real-time database (time series) developed by Wellintech in 2006. With almost 20 years of on-site
application, KingHistorian's excellent performance has been tested and verified, and the provision of a data access interface can satisfy any demand from
a database application development project.


RTIP-Real-time Intelligent Platform

WellinTech provides RTIP which can convert the data into useful information that supports decision making. RTIP consists
of four parts:

  • Data Acquisition: KingDataColector and KingDataServer
  • Data Storage: KingHistorin
  • Data Analysis: KingA&E, KingCalculation, KingModel
  • Data Demonstration: KingGraphics
RTIP-Real-time Intelligent Platform

Main Functions

  • Provides a visualized collection manager, and the user can create, control and delete the collector.
  • Supports data mirroring
  • Provides security management: user, role, authority management related to the security of the data server, including but not limited to registering new user, modifying and deleting the existing user details, also providing authorization access to the users
  • Utilize many data compression optimizations such as the Swinging Door Trending Compression Algorithm
  • Uses cluster redundancy and dual-server redundancy
  • Supports data buffering and the ability to recover lost data from the buffer
  • Users can save and retrieve structural data in the datasheet format which contains events, user role, tag configuration, and system configuration.

High Performance

  • Up to 1 million points per server.
  • Advanced Data Querying one million data points can be accessed within 5 seconds at any time on a single client.
  • Supports 350000+ logins per second.
  • Supports 250000+ views per second.
  • 500 concurrent client access, media cann maintain 20000 logs per second data search speed per client
  • Process 600,000+ transactions per second& server.
  • Powerful Concurrent Querying Capability for up to 500 clients. The peak value can reach over 20,000 records per second.
  • Supports various compression methods, the data compression ratio is always within 25% ~ 95%.
  • Manage and save tima stamp in mesc.

Rich Interfaces

  • Programming Interfaces: Provides APIs for VISUAL C++, Visual Basic 6.0, C#, Delphi, etc.
  • Different programming languages can be used for operations like subscribe data, manage variables, and query data..
  • SQL Interfaces: Meets SQL-92 standards and supports expanded SQL statements.
  • Querying data from KingHistorian is the same as from any relational database.
  • JAVA Interfaces: KingHistorian can be accessed and manipulated on operating systems other than Windows.

High Reliability

Multiple Redundancy
  • Cluster redundancy and Collector redundancy.
Online Data Backup
  • Supports online historical data backup.
  • Provides strict user authentication, license management and audit methods.
Data Mirroring
  • Access a copies of data outside of your system while keeping the system and data internally behind a firewall.
  • KingGraphic
  • KingCalculation
  • King A&E
  • KingDataCollector (KDC)& KingDataerver(KDS)
Avoiding Data Loss
  • Supports data buffering and backup to recover data
KingHistorian OS Requirements
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7/10-Professional Ed. and Ultimate Ed (32bit&64bit) (non-home ed.)
  • Windows Server 2003 (32bit&64bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 (32bit&64bit)
  • Windows Server 20012/2016 (32bit&64bit)

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