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KingSCADA Components and SCADA System

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) offers better performance when compared with the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). But both PLC and SCADA are required to utilize the potentials of the control systems for better design experience and cost-effective services. PLC in SCADA is used for controlling and monitoring equipments mainly within process automation for various industries like telecommunications, energy, transportation, and water and waste control. One of the main reasons to choose a SCADA system is its compatibility with the existing controls hardware or PLC SCADA.

HMI (Human-machine interface) devices are very essential units that enable users to monitor SCADA’s data acquisition technique. The HMI SCADA is the main processor of the system which assists customers to regulate as well as modify the system as needed. Operators can make use of HMIs to interact with the gathered information by utilizing the graphical user interfaces including computer monitors and compiling comprehensive reports for later use.

SCADA automation refers to an automation control system which is majorly used in various industry domains like power, oil and gas, and many more. SCADA will let users supervise all the industrial operations remotely as well as locally. The SCADA system will have a centralized system which can monitor and control the entire site ranging from an industrial building to an industrial complex.

KingSCADA has 20 years of development history


KingSCADA is a Windows-based high-end SCADA software used by medium and large scale companies. KingSCADA is featured with complete
functional support, integrated management, modular development, high stability, dynamic graphics, reusable graphics library, intelligent
diagnosis, data block acquisition, flexible network architecture, reliable alarm system, powerful historical services & display function, web server/web client,
mobile client, WeChat client, 5000+ protocol supported and many more. It can combine multiple production and information
management systems together to achieve optimal productivity. It’s a platform to handle all applications in all
vertical markets of the automation industry.

  • Integrates process controls with on-site operation and field management systems.
  • Designed for large-scale systems with high performance
  • Versatile enough to be applied to a wide variety of industries
  • A reliable, secured monitoring and control system
  • Higher efficiency, brings you quicker results at a lower cost
  • Guarantee your investment with a stable structure and the flexibility to grow exponentially
  • Valid data is the key aspect of the enterprise information system
KingSCADA Development

KingSCADA Features

KingSCADA – High efficiency, powerful functions, and competitive price. Choose KingSCADA for your monitoring and control system.

Alarm & Event
Alarm & Event

Alarm report system is one of the most important aspect of an automation project, KingSCADA provides an reliable alarm system that covers all necessary scenarios.

Historical Data Logging
Historical Data Logging

Alarming feature is an important part in any automation project. KingSCADA provides powerful alarm and event function.

Trend curve & charts
Trend curve & charts

KingSCADA has trend curve, pie chart, column chart, XY chart, & packaged OCX trend to display real-time & historical data.

Script & Schedule
Script & Schedule

KingSCADA provides Script trigger function and Schedule function, user will finish the Schedule via triggering the script.

Multiple Redundancy
Multiple Redundancy

KingSCADA provides multiple redundancy features that include dual SCADA station redundancy.

Web Publishing
Web Publishing

KingSCADA provides an IIS-based Web Publishing function that integrates Web functionality with KingSCADA project.

KingSCADA Structure

KingSCADA uses advanced graphic
technology, object-oriented development model, newest concept of data
aquisition, control technology, and provides guarantee for data
reliability, accuracy and efficiency in enterprise production. KingSCADA uses
C/S architecture, supports distributed servers: real-time data server,historical
data server, alarm/event server, IO collection server. It mainly includes IO
Server (Datacollector), development platform,
and runtime platform (Project running)

KingSCADA Structure


KingSCADA – High efficiency, powerful functions, and fair price. Choose KingSCADA for your monitoring and control system.

  • Integrated development environment, project management model based on solutions
  • Expandable/Rich graphic library, easy to learn and develop
  • Gorgeous dynamic graphic effects
  • Reusable data models and graphic model, improve configuration efficiency
  • Unlimited clear zooming feature
  • The project is editable during runtime.
  • Comprehensive scripting language and reliable error correction support for script writing
  • User security management system
  • Concise recipe management feature, easy to implement recipe function
  • Powerful reporting and data analysis feature
  • Supports relational database perfectly, i.e. SQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Data Acquisition platform with good opening feature
  • Access real-time graphics display online by Web publishing
  • Supports both Project Server and Client app
  • Utilize C/S architecture
  • KingSCADA can act as both OPC Server and OPC Client
  • Easily compare multiple trend curves through provided options

KingSCADA Models

Based on Object-Oriented programming, KingSCADA that provides graphic model and data model reduce duplication work to the
minimum and degree of difficulty during operation.

KingSCADA Models
KingSCADA Models

KingSCADA Unlimited Zooming Feature

In KingSCADA, the maximum resolution of pictures is 30000*30000, supporting unlimited zoom from 10% to 1000% during runtime.

KingSCADA Alarm & Event

The alarm reporting feature is vital in any automation project. KingSCADA provides powerful alarm and event system, including not only
realtime alarm & event, but also functions that restore and query operation for historical alarm & event, aiding fault analysis and
decision making.

Alarm & Event Display & Query

Alarm & Event Display & Query

Alarm Configuration & Email Setting

Alarm Configuration & Email Setting

KingSCADA Historical Data Logging

KingSCADA provides enhanced historical data base, and then successfully display the data via graphic, chart & trend and report to
further analyze it.

API Mode: KingSCADA provides API tool to communicate with third party program/software.
ODBC Mode: KingSCADA complies with ODBC protocol to record data to RDB (Access, SQL, Oracle ...)

KingSCADA Trend curve & charts

KingSCADA has trend curve, pie chart, column chart, XY chart, & packaged OCX trend to display real-time & historical data.
KingSCADA trend curve is available with multiple Y-axis, and is able to incorperate at most 4 curve areas with 64 curves
to compare with each other within the same trend graph.

Multiple curve areas with multiple curves

Multiple curve areas with multiple

Pie and Column Chart

Pie and Column Chart

KingSCADA Script & Schedule

KingSCADA provides Script trigger function and Schedule
function, user will finish the Schedule via triggering the script.
Schedule function support one-time trigger, continuous
trigger, daily/monthly/yearly trigger

KingSCADA Script & Schedule

KingSCADA Multiple Redundancy

  • KingSCADA provides multiple redundancy features that include dual SCADA station redundancy, dual network (Network card) redundancy, dual IO Server redundancy, dual devices redundancy.
  • KingSCADA adds special detective channel for redundancy, through network card setting or special serial port channel to detect the other device status on time and achieve fast switching.
KingSCADA Multiple Redundancy

KingSCADA User Security Management

KingSCADA provides a user security management feature, using the
dual security method of classification and partition, each of the
object can be set up with different priority levels and security zones,
it specifies operation priority, work Safety zone, and provide
project engineering development encryption function to protect
the security of project development.

KingSCADA User Security Management

Scripting in KingSCADA

KingSCADA provides a lot of scripting function directives, and it demonstrates application performance just like VBA, and can
easily achieve high performance standards

KingSCADA IO Server

KingSCADA's acquisition system is also called the IO Server. It is
a set of standalone application program that can collect data in
blocks at a set data collection frequency to ensure data
acquisition are of high-speed, efficient, accurate, complete and
stable. IOServer can provide more than 3,500 free drivers, like
AB, Siemens, OMRON, GE, Schneider, Mitsubishi, ABB, OPC,
DDE, MODBUS, BACNET, DNP, IEC and SNMP, etc. and their
communication protocol.

KingSCADA IO Server
KingSCADA IO Server

Embedded OPC in KingSCADA

System integration requires all systems to provide a standard open
interface, especially in OPC. KingSCADA has great openness,
and it provides a standard OPC interface. KingSCADA can be easily used
to exchange materials with other industrial applications or external
control devices with standard OPC

KingSCADA’s open interface

A software's openness means it supports different kinds of
communication protocol, which is a vital index to measure the
performance of the software. The openness of KingSCADA 3.1:

  • KingSCADA can act as OPC Server and OPC Client
  • DDE: KingSCADA can dynamically exchange profiles with Excel, VB through DDE interface:
  • API: Providing more than 100 figures and it can easily exchange profiles with KingSCADA
KingSCADA IO Server

KingSCADA3.53 Technical Specifications


Operating system support :

"WindowsXP, Windows 7 and higher versions,Windows Server2003, WindowsServer2008; Support for 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems"

Server PC requirements:

"Minimum configuration:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 4 Threads
  • 2G memory
  • 500GB hard drive (100G)
  • WindowsXP
Standard configuration:
  • Intel i5 quad core 4 threads
  • 4G memory
  • 1TB hard disk space (500G)
  • Windows7
Recommended configuration (server):
  • Intel Xeon E5 quad core dual CPU 16 thread
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 2TB hard disk space
  • WindowsServer2008"

Number of programs running:


Maximum number of tags that a single server can run:

100,000 tag points, including: system variables, memory variables, and IO variables. The IO variable point is up to 60000 points.

Maximum number of connected clients per server:



Scripting language:


Script type:

"Application scripts, timing scripts, alarm scripts, User scripts, hotkey scripts, event scripts, data change scripts, custom functions, screen scripts, pixel scripts"


Redundancy type:

Two PC Redundancy,Two nets Redundancy

Redundant data:

Real-time data, historical data, real-time alarm data

Redundant detection channel:

Serial port, Ethernet port

Redundant switching time:

Hot switch is less than 1s (<=5S)


Number of formulas:


Number of recipe variables:


Database linkage

Supported relational library:

SQLServer, mySQL, Access, Oracle

Connection method:


Database linkage

OPC protocol:

OPCClassic2.0,Compatible with lower versions

Provides standard OPCServer


Number of pictures :

Recommended no more than 1000

Single screen maximum pixel:


Stepless zoom:

Supported,exceptions: UI controls do not support scaling; OCX controls only support partial content item scaling

Adaptive resolution:


Picture adaptive resolution:

No more than 1000 recommended

Maximum number of elements:

No more than 1000 recommended

Connection method:


Large screen display:



Data model:

Supported. A data model can create up to 512 tag points

Graphic model:



Maximum number of users:

No more than 1000 recommended

Single user allowed simultaneous logins:


Online login information for each user of the system:


Safety Zone:



From 1 to 999. Lowest priority:1,Highest priority:999


Report capacity:

Support up to 2000 rows, 512 columns


Alarm storage:

Alarm library, relational library

Alarm printing:


Voice alarm:


Alarm forwarding:

Support via Email, mobile phone, RTX (Tencent)

Historical database

Historical database:

Industrial Database / Historical Database

Historical database storage:

Each server supports up to 10,000 tags for historical data. It is recommended to use KingHistorian

API interface access quantity

The maximum number of third-party clients connected through the API interface:


KingSCADA Solution

We will help you design the right solution to implement your needs.

Handheld Terminal
Handheld Terminal
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
Remote Control
Remote Control

Customization Services

Custom Development
  • Approximately 800 symbols designed for standard equipments.
  • You can freely develop new symbols with symbol editing tool.
  • Depending on feedback and design proposal from users, we will undertake additional development of symbols at any time.
  • Special version for development of specific industries (water treatment, substation equipment etc.)
Driver Customization
  • 3000+ supporting drivers including Lonworks, Modbus, BACnet, power protocol, OPC etc. Carver communication standards have a wide range of achievements.
  • Special driver development on customer's request.
  • Examples of past development: Lonworks, Hitachi CPTrans radio module, Mitsubishi special register addition, USB multifunction IO unit, Keyence etc.
  • We can provide customers the dedicated development tool kit for KingSCADA driver.
Function Customization
  • Functional modification tailored based on development and specific needs of customers.
  • Original Historical Trend, Original Historical Data, Power Display, Energy Management System (EMS), Original calendar, Operation log, and Mobile client terminal (on iPhone, android).
  • Development tool example: Relational DB import tool for historical data and audio alarm tool Operating time integration.
Driver Customization
  • Base on customer requirements we may provide customized version for: building energy management system
  • Factory wastewater treatment or facility monitoring system
  • Gas detection alarm system
  • Monitoring system for the glass industry
  • OEM Version with OEM key or Soft key

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