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the perfect interface between data communication and OPC technology
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KingIOServer is a common OPC data acquisition platform which provides the perfect interface between data communication and OPC tech-
nology. It can help create a more feasible solution. KingIOServer works as data collector in CS structure, communicates with the field devices,
perform data acquisition and forwarding and act as a data source for the third-party data acquisition
devices. KingIOServer supports standard OPC DA 3.0, it helps to solve the communication problems between field devices and the system on
themonitoring level. KingIOServer has been certified from the OPC foundation. It supports more than 5000 different
device brands for data acquisition, the third-party DB, various way of storage, and provide standard data source
for the third-party software or data acquisition monitoring and management.


KingIOServer focuses on providing reliable solutions and applicable to many sectors such as public sectors, oil&gas, power, mining, logis-
tics,automobile, heavy machinery and so on. It provides data support for control centers using (SCADA/HMI), EMS, MES, ERP) and other sys-



KingScriptDriver.dll is a communication driver which can be configured to almost all devices, and the users can choose the
communication template according to the protocol and write the driver in ‘.js’file.

  • Introductory four hours training
  • Short development cycle
  • Development of projects and Driver Synchronization
  • Wide range of device applicability
  • Program reusability
  • Communication process is easy to learn
  • Analysis of protocol only
  • Rich driver template library
  • Anytime to develop and use it immediately
  • No need of development environment tool

Storage Features

  • Rich types of Database
  • Flexible storage process: many kinds of data sheet structure , storage mode, triggering mode
  • Break point cache and resuming capacity, keep data integrity
  • Support data storage from multiple IOServer project.
Storage Features

Forward Features

  • Provide multiple script language API and Demo : C++, C#, Java.
  • Provide standard OPC interface, no need to configure DCOM.
  • Provide standard protocol forwarding interface: MODBUS,IEC101, IEC104
Forward Features

Solutions - Cross-region Data Transmission
and Networking

  • Information reform in traditional industries, original system update. Example: Intelligent transport industry solution:
  • Unified, open, extended intelligent platform, open interface, system instruction change with demand through add or delete IOServer application to add or delete business module of the system.
  • Wide range of remote monitoring. example: Water conservancy industry
  • Solution: Double IOServer, double networks, device redundancy, historical data storage, which keep data safe; High performance of data acquisition and reliable remote control and deal with real-time data; Flexible structure and deployment.
  • Solution: Hierarchical network structure, divided into three layers: data acquisition, data transmission, data storage. On data acquisition layer, collect mass data from different link, transfer information to data storage layer.
  • Real-time remote monitoring, historical data storage, which requires the reliability of data
  • C/S technology, distributed deployment, separated site monitoring layer and centralized monitoring layer:
  • Uneven distribution, complex communication link, remotetransmission, need high ability of real-time. Example: Environment protection industry
Solutions - Cross-region Data Transmissionand Networking

Product Function

Real-time data collection
  • Support devices from more than 1500 manufactures over the world
  • Support more than 5000 kind of devices, such as PLC, Intelligent meter, module, board, etc..
  • Support multiple standard protocol
  • Support different networks and media communications links, such as GRPS, serial port and Ethernet
  • Support activate configuration of links and device, to optimization of debugging and collection
  • Support communication with third party OPC (DA&UA) server
OPC Function
  • As OPC DA client, communicate with the third party DA server
  • AS OPC UA sever(client), communication with the third party OPC UA client(server)
Data storage, off-line cache
and Renew
  • Support multiple IOServer station data storage simultaneously. Support public network Database data storage
  • Support multiple table structure storage: narrow table, wide table, and existing table . Support user configure the filed of table
  • Support multiple storage mode: Update mode( real-time data), Insert mode( historical data)
  • Support multiple triggering mode: timing storage, changing storage, conditional storage
  • Support Double IOServer, double device, double network, three kind of redundancy
  • Support cold switch and hot switch
Data forwarding, protocol
  • Support standard OPC (UA & DA) interface
  • Provide multi-language API interface and DEMO program: C++, C#, Java
  • Support standard protocol forwarding: Modbus, IEC101, IEC104, CDT protocol forwarding, etc.
  • As OPC DA server, communication with the third party OPC DA client without DCOM configuration

Product performance

The KingIOServer as an independent data acquisition platform is capable of running multiple instances for standalone or distributed project architecture. KingIOSever provides the latest open-connectivity such as OPC UA&DA, and supports more 5500+ devices drivers.

  • Each PC can run multiple IOServer projects at the same time.
  • Each KingIOServer application supports 256 links
  • Each link supports 256 devices
  • Each KingIOServer application project runs 60,000 tags with stability.
  • Each KingDataLogger application stores 10000 records/s into database
  • As an OPC DA client, it supports the acquisition of 10000 tags from OPC DA server
  • As an OPC UA client, supports 60 links for OPC UA
  • As an OPC UA server, supports 20000 OPC UA tags
  • Each OPC UA server supports 5 clients at the same time.

Intelligent Industry IOT Solution

Intelligent industry IOT platform cover the whole process of monitoring and control from raw materials entry and product delivery factory, including:
identification of raw materials, production process monitoring, production environment monitoring, product identity, and integration
of the following three systems:

  • Factory logistics management system based on RFID
  • Production environment perception system based on IOT
  • Production process control system based on IOT
Intelligent Industry IOT Solution
Features & Requirements
  • Large quantity of bottom terminal , upper level application complex
  • The platform have to maintain large share data and control data
  • Provide a wide range of interface to be compatibile with different device and intelligent sensors
Solution Highlight
  • Integrate: Implement data sharing between different sub-system and different device protocol and application integrated.
  • Open: System database and SCADA platform provide ODBC, OLEDB, OPC and others standard interface, provide a variety of ways to ways to connect production data with other application data, and provide unified system resources and sharing resources for application development;
  • Extend: Not only complete remote monitoring of different sub-factory production process, and extends the enterprise scheduling managementsolution, on this layer it combines with real production to complete the management of production devices, production process, materials,security and energy consumption.

Large Equipment Information Solution

To speed up the pace of information and automation, a winery plans to upgrade traditional production & monitoring of cricket powder and base wine and
dispatching systems such as vehicle logistics and wine storage management. The winery has five powder production mill, twenty wine production shops,
and one 5-storey wine storage building.The vehicles transport the powder from powder mill to the wine production shops and then dispatches wines
to the storage building.

Production scheduling system will manage the vehicle scheduling from sending the production plan to powder production, base wine production
monitoring, tracking the dispatched vehicle, and altogether manage the powder and wine products, wine storage management,achieving the unified
scheduling management.

Large Equipment Information Solution
Features & Requirements
  • Cricket powder and base liquor production real-time monitoring
  • Production plan and tracing back management
  • Reform and upgrade for exist system
  • Vehicle scheduling operation management
  • GIS vehicle operating management
Solution Highlight
  • Use distributed system;
  • Its divided into three phase to implement, gradually complete running system of cricket powder, base liquor workshop, wine store production monitoring, vehicle scheduling, planing management and product tracing back, GIS vehicle operating monitoring, video security sub- system integrated;
  • Complete massive process data acquisition without any media restrictions;
  • Has data cache and breakpoint continuing function;
  • System reform and upgrade.

Product advantages

  • Communication Protocols
  • Support more than 1,500 manufactures , more than 5,000 device
  • Support data acquisition from the third part system.
  • Support OPC (DA&UA),Modbus, Bacnet, Lonworks, IEC101,IEC104, DNP and other standard protocol
  • Provide customized driver development service
RTIP-Real-time Intelligent Platform

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