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Mintwave Co., Ltd with WellinTech Co., Ltd together to provide solutions of acquisition, storage, and graphical display in order to realize communication with IEC61850 protocol equipment.

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MintWave Co., Ltd has been established as a subsidiary company of Takaoka Toko to provide many products and services for more than 30years. We provide you with high-quality products and ICT technology and ICT services.


For IEC61850 protocol equipment, the two companies provide solutions for acquisition, storage and graphical display. It combines IEC61850 for SQL software of mintwave company, kingscada software of wellingtech company and SQL Server database. IEC61850 for SQL software collects data of IEC61850 equipment and stores it into SQL server. Kingscada software can successfully search and update the data collected and stored by IEC61850 for SQL, and present it in graphical interface.

Structure of IEC61850 for SQL
Wireless GSM 3G RTU S280
GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU S272
GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU S272

Features of IEC61850 for SQL

Features of IEC61850 for SQL
  • Communication specialized for the international standard IEC61850 (for smart grids and substations) Software.
  • IEC61850 communication data is directly linked to the database, not via SCADA software.
  • It is not dependent on the performance of the SCADA software. Data from IED(Intelligent Electronic Device) can be acquired in real time
  • It is possible to link with various software and services via ODBC to remote monitoring and operate devices.
  • 国際標準規格IEC61850(スマートグリッドや変電所向け)に特化した通信ソフトウェ アです。
  • IEC61850の通信データがSCADAソフトウェアを介さず、直接データベースと連携す ることが可能です。
  • SCADAソフトウェアの性能に依存せず、IED(Intelligent Electronic Device)からのデ ータをリアルタイムに取得することが可能です。
  • ODBC経由で様々なソフトウェアやサービスと連携ができ、遠隔監視や機器の操作が 可能です。

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