Yakong Wind Power Centralized Control Center Solution


Yakong Wind Power Centralized Control Center Solution

1. Program overview

The wind farm centralized control center monitoring system is to realize the remote monitoring and control requirements of the wind power company's multiple wind farms in its geographically dispersed area. , Regional maintenance" scientific management mode, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

The construction goal of this system is to collect and organize various real-time production data of various production real-time control systems in the factory, establish a unified factory-level real-time historical database platform, and realize the unified and long-term storage of process data. And on this basis, it realizes the functions of remote real-time monitoring and control of plant-level production process information, trend analysis, and real-time alarm; automatically generates various reports to meet the management requirements of the wind farm for the production process and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the unit.

2. Program highlights

  • Rich interfaces (such as Modbus, OPC, DL104, DL103, DISA, etc.), which can collect data from wind turbines or telecontrol equipment of different manufacturers and protocols. All wind turbines or telecontrol data are concentrated on one computer for easy analysis and management;
  • Distributed system architecture to realize remote management;
  • Using a unified data platform, all data sharing, low maintenance cost;
  • Support the function through the gatekeeper;
  • Support data mirroring and system cluster redundancy;
  • Purely distributed structure platform, system expansion is very convenient;
  • The database supports multiple data compression methods;
  • Support historical playback, reappearing history, easy to find faults and accident causes
  • Equipment failure prediction greatly improves equipment reliability;
  • The unlimited expansion of analysis tools can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the wind turbine.

3. system architecture

The KingSCADA automation software products of Asia Control Technology provide flexible software solutions for wind power centralized monitoring systems. The reliable real-time historical database KingHistorian stores massive data of wind farms. The calculation software KingCalculation and the alarm software KingAlarm&Event conduct statistical analysis, early warning, equipment management, operation optimization and other data mining on the massive data of the database to improve the utilization rate of equipment and the power generation rate of wind turbines.